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Happy Teeth Total Mouth Rinse Organic


USDA certified organic! Free of sulfates, bleach, pesticides, fluoride, glycerin, alcohol!

Fights tartar, tooth sensitivity, morning mouth, canker sores & more!

16 oz.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic aloe juice, food-grade hydrogen peroxide (1%), aluminum-free baking soda, organic essential oils of peppermint (Mentha piperita), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), tea tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) & cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum).

directions: shake bottle. use mouthwash as needed. can also be used to brush teeth & tongue to remove morning mouth bacteria or between meals.


Happy Teeth Total Mouth Rinse Organic $15.50

4 Stars Based on 9 Review(s)

Kyrstin of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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I love this stuff!

August 21,2020

This mouth rinse was amazing during pregnancy when my gums swelled up a bit! It also leaves a nice after taste and definitely helps whiten teeth!
Jana of California
- 5 Stars
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Best mouth rinse ever!

October 16,2019

5 stars for this amazing mouth rinse! I never thought I’d find one that didn’t have a bunch of unhealthy ingredients in it but here it is! It takes a few times to get used to the flavor, but now I would never use anything else!
Michelle of Maryland
- 5 Stars
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It numbed my mouth!

February 20,2019

So I started having a canker sore right on the inside rim of lips and it hurt! I have nothing to help this thing feel better at all before bed and so I knew the Gum Drops would work but I didn't have any so I tried the Mouth Rinse! I put a little in my mouth, swished around, tilted my head down, pulled my lip in, and I let it sit there for about a minute or so then it was numb but not a normal numb; I could still feel my lips and my gums BUT the pain was gone! I could actually touch my canker sore with my tongue and no pain! I am so thankful I am able to rest with no pain from my canker sore and still using safe products!
Janell of Montana
- 4 Stars
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Love it!

June 3,2018

I’ve been wanting a safer mouthwash for a while and to quit using harsher mouthwashes in regular stores. This leaves my mouth refreshed and feeling clean without the burning of alcohol.
natalie of New York
- 5 Stars
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April 21,2018

this is my favorite mouthwash..i use it to clean and brush my teeth and also carry some in a spray bottle for while im out to freshen my breath when needed. a must have imo!
michelle of Virginia
- 5 Stars
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Would love to carry this product in our store one day!

April 20,2018

Great product
Michelle of Maryland
- 5 Stars
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Helps Gums!

April 17,2018

I've been having some gun problems with brushing and I started using this mouthwash and noticed that my gums weren't near as sore the next time brushing! The morning I woke up after my first use; my teeth were still soft and felt clean when normally I could feel a film in the mornings so I am so pleased with this mouthwash! I've tried other "natural" and " organic " mouthwash and I couldn't use because they tasted so bad! Thank you Poofy Organics for creating a product that tastes good and does am EXCELLENT job!
Alexandra of Ohio
- 5 Stars
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My FAVORITE Mouthwash!

February 7,2018

I've always hated using mouthwash because it burns from the alcohol. I was skeptical about Poofy's mouthwash at first, just because I've never found a mouthwash I love. Well, now I have! My husband loves it too. We love having fresh breath, and he loves that it also helps get rid of his canker sores.
Lindsay of North Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Great Mouthwash

April 12,2017

My husband gets canker sores easily and they last a while. After getting this mouthwash he has noticed that it helps keep them at bay and if he does happen to get one, it doesn't last as long. He loves this mouthwash.

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