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Vapor Rub-A-Dub-Dub Organic


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Replaces toxic vapor rubs! Perfect for that congested baby or adult!

2 oz.

Soothing & calming, this vapor rub won't let you down!


Vapor Rub-A-Dub-Dub Organic $16.00

5 Stars Based on 8 Review(s)

Kelli of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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Buy it!

December 2,2021

Hands down, this is the BEST vapor rub for kids! I bought it to have on hand because "cold and flu season" was coming and we have unfortunately had the opportunity to use it a couple times already and it's amazing! A little goes a long way, and it works quickly!
Kassandra of Nebraska
- 5 Stars
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Best Chest Rub Ever!

March 25,2021

Looking to detoxify my household, I was stuck when it came to vapor rubs. My little guy was super congested and teething. My Poofy Guide-Lizzie G.- told me about the Vapor Rub A Dub Dub and hand delivered it to me just in time!  It was a life saver!! The smell is wonderful and not medicinal, the texture smooth and not greasy. Excellent product AND ORGANIC!!! We have a happy baby AND mom.

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Janell of Montana
- 5 Stars
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Safe for the family!

September 4,2018

I love how this is safe for kids under 5. I was love how I was able to use it when I was pregnant and had a cold.
Kelsey of Wisconsin
- 5 Stars
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November 23,2016

I love this product so much and I'm always giving it as a gift. I keep one in my bathroom and another in my purse.
cassandra of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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November 22,2016

This is a fave in the winter months. I remember my mom always rubbing Vicks on my chest when I was sick, whcih I would never do, but what brings me back to the same comforting tradition in a more healthful light is this rub. It is perfect for their feet and chest. My children have extremely sensitive skin and it has never caused any irritation. They ask for it and I feel good giving it to them. LOVE it!
And I think it's worth mentioning...I LOVE buying products from this company--Be the change you wish to see in the world-Ghandi.
Nikki of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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Safe and effective

November 20,2016

I love feeling so comfortable putting this product on my toddler and baby's chests. While I am sure more mainstream products are equally as effective, these ingredients cannot be beat in terms of safety for my kids.
Taleah of Washington
- 5 Stars
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What a great product!

May 31,2016

I'm so happy to find this product, safe for even very little ones... and effective, even for adults! I always stay on the safe side when it comes to essential oils, so I'm happy that this product is conservative when it comes to EO use around littles. My husband and I use it every time we're congested as well.
Snezana of Ohio
- 5 Stars
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Works on my little guy!

April 4,2016

I love that this vapor rub is safe for my little guy! Besides being petroleum-free and not containing other questionable ingredients, the organic essential oils in it are safe for little ones. I was surprised to learn that other companies advertise their vapor rubs as being suitable for little ones but contain eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils even though current aromatherapy research states that they're not safe for children under certain ages. I am thankful that the owners of Poofy Organics are diligent in their product safety research!

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