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Picture of Flawless Face SENSITIVE Cleanser Organic

Flawless Face SENSITIVE Cleanser Organic


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This product is the most basic facial cleanser we offer.  Use for SENSITIVE skin and for your teens just beginning their skincare regimen!

4 oz. USDA Certified Organic



Flawless Face SENSITIVE Cleanser Organic $30.00

5 Stars Based on 3 Review(s)

Lisa of Florida
- 5 Stars
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A little goes a long way

December 5,2022

I love Poofy’s Flawless Face Sensitive Cleanser Organic.  I was the type previously who thought hand soap was good enough for the face and I didn’t see the point. But honestly, hand soap never seemed to quite do the job so I broke down and tried this Poofy face cleanser.  Love it!! Just a tiny squirt cleans my whole face and feels luxurious.  I’m more likely to follow a routine now that I’m using this cleanser!!
kellie of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Beautiful skin!

March 25,2021

My teenage daughter was suffering from typical acne. We tried several different non poofy products and nothing worked. My guide Autumn recommended this cleaner and it was a game changer.  You don’t need a lot literally 1 pump will be enough. So the cleaner will last for a bit. She uses it every other night during her shower before bed. Only thing that helped!! Amazing
Amanda of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Love this cleanser.

March 25,2021

I love that this is gentle enough for my whole family to use. I started using it a few years ago and it is one of the few products that doesn't leave my skin looking red and splotchy.  My husband and both my kids started using it as well and they love how refreshed and clean their faces feel after using it.  A must have for anyone wit super sensitive skin like my family.

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